PARCAM Workplan

The project is divided into four (4) work packages that are closely related, it includes WP1 which is the project management, WP2 the implementation and development of the study, WP3 Capacity building, WP4: Information, Communication and Dissemination The fellow is the leader of the different WPs, she will be assisted by team members and the steering committee.


WP1 (36 months) aim is the management of the project to ensure that all project objectives are achieved according to the project workplan and within budget limits, and that all activities are implemented in conformity with the EDCTP contract, to coordinate the study, to develop human resources, and prepare the documents related to the project implementation. The operational structure to ensure all aspects of the project will be coordinated and implemented with clear definition of responsibility and accountability between work packages, consortium members.

WP1 is under the responsibility of the fellow, Prof Bouyou Akotet, acting as theProject  Coordinator. She will be supported in this task by the steering committee (SC) together forming the Project Office and supporting all governance bodies.

The objective of WP1 is to ensure an efficient and effective management of ParCam project and network. It will contribute to the following steps: i) the project is carried out in accordance with the work plan, ensuring objectives are achieved according to the proposed protocol, ii) Clear and efficient communication is maintained across the ParCam network on all legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative issues, iii)  Clear and continuous communication with EDCTP and the study teams.The coordination of the study protocol that will be carried out in the context of WP. It contains all the administrative procedures that will guarantee the quality of the study based on the following steps 1) to obtain regulatory authorities and ethics committees approval, 2) to organise the official documents related to the project development, 3) to set up SOPs for the project organisation, 4) to set up project management bodies and the selection and recruitment of study staff members and 5) to develop network activities



WP2 (30 months) is dedicated to the protocol implementation and study conduct. The main objective is to implement and organise the study. For this purpose, this WP will be focused on the preparation of the study sites for protocol initiation and  project plan, the sensitisation of the community, organisation of the kick off meeting in Libreville and the rural sites, the initiation of the inclusion, the clinical and biological examinations, the performance of the interviews,  the management of clinical activities and the biological diagnosis, the performance of the immunological assays, the specific interventions, the supervision and monitoring and the organisation of the biobank. A  bio-bank of well characterised samples that can be used for basic science and epidemiological purposes, more precisely to the gut microbiota diversity related to IPI and NCDs will be established. The fellow will be assisted by the SC, the NCP managers, the local sub-investigators.Data management will start two months before the inclusion of the first participant and will be closed at the end of the study. It aims at recording, analysing and sharing data generated from the study by data capture, entry and cleaning, analysis and disseminating. The leader is the fellow, assisted by the biostatistician (Dr Kendjo E) and the methodologiste (Dr P Coffie)


WP3 (36 months) corresponds to capacity building, training and networking by establishing a mentorship programme. The objectives of WP3  are:

  • to enhance and maintain the operational research capacity and quality of the Parcam Project by developing and implementing tailored training and capacity development.
  • to provide the training and capacity development that is required to ensure data quality and high research standards and practices within the network .
  • to provide for a longer-term resource that would sustain beyond this programme and deliver impact to other researchers beyond those in the immediate partnership.

The WP will coordinate and organise all the activities, approaches, strategies, and methodologies which will help participant researchers, study sites and laboratories to improve their performance, generate development benefits and achieve the objectives of this project.

Capacity building on good documenting and good data management practices.

The training is an essential part of this WP and will consist of organising capacity building and

  • training workshops for local research staff and MD from the Université des Sciences de la Santé
  • mentoring programme for student staff (PhD, MSc).
  • Set up of reciprocal quality and monitoring scheme: sites will work together to monitor one another’s sites, lowering monitoring costs, building skills and training of individual monitors, and increasing research capacity within the groups themselves.

WP4 (36 months) includes Information, Communication and Dissemination. The main aim of this WP is to ensure that the expected impacts of ParCam are achieved

This WP objectives are:

  • Project communication
  • Awareness campaign targeted at communities including health workers
  • Dissemination of results for awareness and understanding
  • Exploitation of project results
  • Monitoring the background and results related to the project work plan.

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